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​Wagg Box

Welcome To Our Wagg Blog

Wagg Reviews

14th November 2020

Wow..even little Kitkat was excited to see what this WaggBox contained. Her only disappointment was that it was for the dogs, and not her!

Green & Wilds

2nd November 2020

Introducing our main range of tough, natural and healthy treats from the amazing "Green & Wilds" range.

These products have no hidden nasties and are all hypoallergenic and gluten free!

Here at Wagg Box we pride ourselves in sourcing only the best natural and healthy treats and chews. They are high in protein, NO artificial additives, gluten and lactose free, hypoallergenic & also a natural way of helping support healthy teeth and gums!

We have a wide range of products that are all very delicious and sustainable. Go on treat your pooch..... after all they deserve it xx





   WB x

Biggie Boo Boo

31st October 2020

Introducing Biggie, also known as Boo Boo. Small but mighty and very much in charge. Biggie is extremely small, so we have to be very careful when it comes to his treats. Managing his weight accordingly with our range of natural treats with no hidden nasties. Biggie loves nothing more than to snuggle up with one of our lovely plush toys as Chihuahuas like to be cosy especially at this time of year!


31st October 2020

Fendi is the newest member of the family. She loves to spend her time chewing, so treat test days are good days for her! Fendi spends hours in and out of her toy-box to stop her being bored. We think they can never have too many toys, right?!


31st October 2020

Introducing Dobby our top taster. Dobby loves hiding her treats and going back to them later - in doggy term's "hide & treat". Dobby loves a variety of soft plush toys, her favourite being her fox! Trying to wash her Foxy is only acheived when we have a new delivery of our fantastic natural treats to distract her xx